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Looking for a kaftan ?

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The components used to make a kaftan are relatively premium quality. 
  • The fabrics are imported from ItalySwitzerland, and France.
  • The creations are adorned with Swarovski.
  • The work is artisanal, meaning it is done meticulously by hand.
  • The sfifa, beading, brams, embroidery, and belts are elements crafted by different skilled individuals, each possessing their own expertise.
  • There is also research, design, and merchandising work involved to present the items in the best possible conditions. 


  • Transportation and various mandatory taxes need to be taken into account.

We strive to provide you with the best possible service to ensure your reassurance and security throughout your order. Our transparency is a guarantee of quality, contributing to the longevity of our brand.

January 26, 2022 — Bouchra El Filali Ech-Chafiq
Tags: Caftan


Hinda said:

Bonjour ,

Je demande su vous avez des takchita broderie fassi.
Merci pour votre retour

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